Monday, April 18, 2016

Secret Agenda?

All this animosity and fear needs to stop. At some point I think the only reason the Koch's et al are legislating to close or regulate abortion clinics is just so there are more potential consumers.

We can't keep throwing up roadblocks, primarily about income, that make it harder for people to access care. Since I can't assume that intelligent people are knowingly making other people suffer, I've been thinking about some potential motives for this situation. The most obvious answer is that if you are in the business of building pyramids of low-income consumers feeding each other fast food and running their little hamster wheels, you need to the bottom of the pyramid to keep growing. For our economy, that means more low-income people breeding as quick as possible. Having access to an ever expanding lower class is crucial to the continued growth of the sugar water industries that makes these people rich.

For the life of me, I can't be okay with anything that makes it harder for people to access medical care. No matter the purpose, if it's health and wellness it should be accessible and safe. So in the absence of any acceptable reason I can see to deny someone care, I land squarely on the assumption that some motivation is pushing them towards more low-income babies, not just away from care.

You can argue about vices and morality, but not when it can bring others to harm.

Since we'll never know exactly what is going on in the mind of those trying to take away access to health care, I say just try and be safe out there. And you chuckle heads in the back should stop throwing things. I'm looking at you, conservative right.

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