Sunday, March 17, 2013


No matter how far I might stray in this life, nothing has the power to set me on the right path faster than the gentle questioning of my mother.

No matter what tribulations I face nothing brings the deep abiding peace as the words of my father when he intones sincerely, "I will pray for you."

There are many truths I have questioned in my life but from earliest knowledge I have held that the prayer of righteous man avails much. Even should that not be true, with the faith and honest conviction shown from the staggering intellectual and studied theology of my dad, I concede...if anything in this world can truly impact anything else, his words and belief must surely cause the universe to resonate on my behalf.

Knowing that his time with us is quickly nearing the sum its allotment sobers me even as it causes him to speak more finitely. When he says he will pray he doesn't mean someday in some quiet way on his time. He means now. This moment. With the air of one with little time to spare who is intent upon his purpose, he quiets his voice and lifts me up. He speaks deliberately and slowly and before his second breath I am undone and overflowed and the wetness in my eyes belies the depth to which I'm touched.

I am not moved so much by thoughts in the prayers but by the peace that quiets me knowing such a force and will is expended solely for my benefit. That peace so sweet that so often eludes. That rich assuring quiet reaches me with such a simple phrase, "I will pray for you."

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