Monday, July 02, 2007

I Need To Find A Tree

My devotion this morning covered Luke 19. It is the story of the tax collector Zacchaeus.

The thing I noticed right away was how ambitious, deliberate, and motivated Zacchaeus behaves in the story. When he can't see, he climbs a tree. When he feels compelled to realign his value system, he does it. Unflinching, without hesitation, no delays.
The unworthy person develops his wealth at the expense of his character.
The mature person develops his character by means of his wealth.
-- Mr. Smarter-Than-Me

Why can't I be more like Zacchaeus? When called to the mat, when short-comings are clear, why can't I change so easily. Do I just lack faith?

Perhaps I'm standing in the crowd and I just can't see clearly enough my Savior. Instead of watching out only for the big decisions that will cement and clarify my commitment; should I instead find a fig tree and widen my view?

Choosing to not settle for the perspective we have, to mingle in the crowd like sheep, seems such a subtle thing. In the story about Zacchaeus it becomes clear how even the littlest decisions we make can become excruciatingly pivotal.

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