Monday, January 16, 2006


They say that work is hard and that's why they call it work. But for me, faith is much harder than works. Did someone goof it up? Or is this just another case of runaway semantics causing grief.

Don Richardson in his wonderful book Eternity in Their Hearts wrote what would be my most favorite, and often used quotes:

The human spirit houses a dynamism capable of carrying any idea to it's logical conclusion.

Simple, elegant, correct. This is the profound kind of wisdom that I can mimic and pretend understand. I flail about with words like these as if I were capable of the finesse and subtlety required to truly wield them well. In giving last minute advice to friends I may not see for some time, I bludgeon him with truths until finally he objects no more. Such lousy counsel I. But he walks in faith, or at least I've seen it's shadow in his life. So circumspectly I grant myself leave to trust him and thrust at him my tools and truths. Only afterward running down the thought that says "too much!" and "leave off, fool!".

Perhaps it is just flattery on my part. Give them unabashed assistance and let them sort out what they may. Sink, swim, or sail it truly is their own way. Let their dynamism run and then I resign myself to fuel and fire only. My experiences vast are simple fodder for their feast. I can live with this I think. But that's only because I am lazy and inept. Were I skilled and suited I would surely surpass this stopping point. My own internals would combust and drive me onwards still towards my own conclusion, not this silly stopping point.

So which is Forgiveness? Is it the hardest work, or the hardest faith? Or perhaps it is a work of faith?

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